CRM module, called Cluum, is interactive, exclusive presentations for your clients based on an information gathering function, which allows to acknowledge the client better as well as his needs. Using Cluum customer relationship management becomes simpler, and reach of target groups more purposeful.

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Information is stored in one place

Simplified management and availability

Electronic content on tablet or other mobile device

Interactive presentations, documents, videos, pictures and etc.

Managed centrally:
Presentations could be prepared and adjusted by a single person, but the results are visible to all assigned representatives

Accessible for all users:
Presentations are available in the Cluum system and also by online access

Exclusive product presentation

Vivid demonstration of the content to customers - reinforces the impression of the product

Automatically gathered eDetailing statistics:
During presentation, all gathered information is assigned to a particular customer profile

Integration with daily activity reporting

Specific information assignment for each employee by relevance

More detailed information about the client

Specialized reports as required:
On request, it is possible to create custom reports that allows to evaluate sales performance.

Analysis of data collected during content presentations

Customer Segmentation:
Customer segment variables include age, speciality, work practice and specifics, tendency to switch products

Preparation of exclusive offers:
Segmentation of customers and analysis of the data can be used for each relevant proposals

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